Nicolas Schuybroek German Limestone bowl

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When Objects Work

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Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek’s works explore a sharp vision of space and materials. the essence of his work is to conceive serene and pure, yet extremely warm and authentic spaces. while his architecture is often described as monastic and minimalistic, it is surprisingly sophisticated and it always has a soul. there’s no straining for effect in his work—just a muted elegance.

Nicolas Shuybroek has together with when objects work created a selection of unique and artistic bowls, which shine through their contrast of metal and stone.

The bronze lid can be used on both sides, either serving as a lid, or as an extension to the bowl.

The bowl is made out of german lime stone. it is known for being as robust as it is fascinating and rough.
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  • Height: 11cm (4.3")
  • Diameter: 39cm (15.4")
  • Materials: German Limestone Perforated blackened brass