The weight of a feather

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Plethora Magazine

The weight of a feather by Henrik Capetillo.

Danish artist Henrik Capetillo has collected feathers from walks along banks and beaches over the years.

In his studio he has experimented with compositions from playful trials of rearrangement to create personal narratives of time and impermanence, intimacy and separation, beauty and longing.

The resulting Weight of a Feather series is a perfect testament to the fact that, now and then, something as simple and delicate as a feather can convey the weight of an entire inner world.

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  • Limited edition of 400 copies
    Serial numbered
    Handmade cover of vintage fibre carton with ribbon closure
    Special triptych print fold out
    82 pages, off-set print
    30,5 cm (12") x 21,2 cm (8.35") format
    Printed by Narayana Press Yoga Ashram