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William Guillon

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OMNIA VANITAS Existential questions around death, the passage of time and the meaning of life are omnipresent subjects in the creative process of William Guillon.

OMNIA VANITAS (“All is vanity”) is a way for him to explore and experiment around themes of the emptiness of exis- tence and the impermanence of all things. By creating a set of accessories that he calls Vanities, he prompts us to question the place occupied by objects in our lives and the traces we leave on earth.

This collection in all its complexity required several months of development. As in the Sweet Thing collection, each piece is sculpted by hand by the artist before it is cast in white bronze in a French foundry.

All the pieces are unique and their shapes, finishes (patina and polish) can be adapted and customized on demand.


William Guillon is a French Designer and Art Director based in Bordeaux, focused on one-of-a-kind lightings and accessories.His work draws influence from his obsession for unconventional beauty which is reflected by radical and organic creations.

His aesthetic is rooted in an innovative exploration of traditional craftsmanship aiming to push the limits of matter while maintaining a sense of strange elegance.
Every single piece of work endorsed by William Guillon is handmade in France and most of them are unique or numbered as limited editions.

His favoured material is cast bronze. He uses different types of bronze, including a rare alloy called white bronze which is distinguished by its silver color.


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  • Width: 16cm (6.3")
  • Height: 46cm (18.1")
  • Length: 6cm (2.4")
  • White Cast Bronze
    Patinated and Polished
    One of a kind