Evolution of Stupidity 02

Leonardo Vandal

Leonardo Christian Anker Amadeus Vandal was born in 1988 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Vandal is a multidisciplinary artist with prolific works and is known to work across different mediums, often integrating performance and texts into his installations.

In his own words he explains that he wants to create a language of his own and he does through the mediums that seem most fitting to tell the story as precisely as possible. Every work should be seen as a star and collectively they create a constellation, comparative to the instruments in an orchestra creating a symphony.

Evolution of Stupidity, beautiful busts made out of Alabaster powder on marble base.

Available from our Stockholm Showroom.

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  • Width: 17.8cm (7.0")
  • Height: 50.8cm (20.0")
  • Length: 17.8cm (7.0")
  • Materials: Alabaster and Marble base