Bizzarie di Varie Figure

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Plethora Magazine

by Giovanni Battista Bracelli

The Bizzarie di Varie Figure Artist Edition pays homage to the graphical series of 47 etchings produced by Florentine artist Giovanni Battista Bracelli in 1624. The pre-eminent series, characterised by its vivid figurations and imaginative amalgamation of human and object elements, became a milestone for the time ahead and a defining reference point for any future visualisation of android form - 200 years before the advent of mechanical, robotic science in Western Tradition.

The facsimile edition suite consists of 16 individual, unique prints expertly reproduced in a manual off-set and traditional letterpress, presented in a handmade, riveted box out of archival fibre carton with gold embossing.
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  • Width: 22cm (8.7")
  • Height: 29.7cm (11.7")
  • 16 individual letter-press prints
    Limited edition of 200
    Foreword printed in manual off-set and letterpress.
    Fibre carton box, handmade, riveted and embossed, with ribbon lift
    Paper: Modigliani Neve 145g edition paper
    Printed by Narayana Press & Plethora Magazine